We finetune a BART model using question-to-SPARQL and question-to-Program annotations of KQA Pro. Type any question that you want to ask about a knowledge base, and the automatically parsed SPARQL and Program will be displayed.

Type your question here.

Here are some examples that you could ask:
  • Which one is longest among movies which were published in 1990?
  • How many movies were published in America and in 1990?
  • When did China join the WTO?
  • How many scientists have won the Nobel award?
  • Does the capital of China have a more than 20,000,000 population?
  • How is Donald Trump related to Obama?
  • Is Yao Ming taller than LeBron James or not?
  • Where was the wife of LeBron James from?
  • When did the area of China reach 9600000 square km?
  • At which college did Hinton get his bachelor degree?
  • Who is the next president after Donald Trump?
  • ......

Predicted Program:

Predicted SPARQL: